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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I found my way over to the most amazing trails in San Diego today, Torrey Pines State Reserve. With trails that wind for miles in the bluffs along the Pacific Ocean, it's hardly a struggle.
Though these trails are extremely familiar to me, I found myself being extra cautious. In the last few weeks of my 365 day experience, I have been worried about potential injuries. Being so close to my finish line, I don't want to sprain an ankle now. So, with delicate steps and sharp focus, I meandered through the "trails in the sky" taking pictures and greeting fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

It's been a real challenge this year to keep myself healthy enough to run daily. It's forced me to pay close attention to my body's needs and respond quickly. Throughout the year, I weathered a few aches and pains and a couple colds but for the most part, was able to get through physical hurdles with little drama. I feel extremely fortunate for this and will always remember this year fondly when I am older and not as agile.

The biggest test for this project has been the "daily" part. There are so many time constraints, technicalities, physical hurdles, motivational issues or mental setbacks that could keep you from putting on your shoes. I didn't listen to other people when they told me I was crazy and that it was not possible. I got through them all. Every day.

Nobody else can determine your personal accomplishments.

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  1. This just so happens to be my favorite place to run! :) Happy new year to you!